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HGCA publications

Topic Sheet 24 - Dormancy and persistence of volunteer oilseed rape

Topic Sheet 100 - Effective, sustainable Italian rye-grass control in winter cereals

Information Sheet 02 - Pre-harvest glyphosate application to wheat and barley

Information Sheet 03 - Herbicide-resistant black-grass: managing risk with fewer options

Information Sheet 06 - Control of ALS-resistant chickweed and poppy in cereals

Information Sheet 07 - Identification and control of brome grasses

Oilseed rape – a grower’s guide (HGCA 2005)

Managing and preventing herbicide resistance in weeds (HGCA/WRAG Guidelines 2003)


Weed identification

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Background reading

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UK Pesticide guides



Enhancing Arable Biodiversity – six practical solutions for farmers (SAFFIE 2007)



HGCA website:





Ecological Flora of the British Isles:

Chemicals Regulation Directorate

Duke, J. A. Handbook of Energy Crops 1983 (url- )

Garden organic- organic weed management;

Gaden S. Robinson, Phillip R. Ackery, Ian J. Kitching, George W. Beccaloni and Luis M. Hernández HOSTS - a database of the hostplants of the world's Lepidoptera url: National History Museum



Defra reports-Available from defra website -


PT0208 (1996) - Genetic variation in resistance to herbicides - variability in herbicide performance

PT0209 (1997) - Susceptibility of arable weeds to herbicides

PT0211 (2001) - Developing strategies for reducing the risk from herbicide-resistant wild-oats

PT0217/8 (2000) - Herbicide resistance in black-grass and wild-oats